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Welcome to Inner Mediumship​

Hello and Thank You for visiting my page. My name is Christian. I am a practicing psychic, medium, and spiritual developer of souls. I’ve had the gift of psychic awareness and spiritual intelligence since I was a young child.

I utilize a variety of tools, practices, and techniques to connect with Source, Spirit, God, the Universe, whatever and however you may call Him/Her/It.


Insight into future events​

I can provide you insight into future events and the direction you may want to go, reconnect you with past loved-ones and past lives. I use a multitude of divination techniques and tools to offer you guidance, support, and messages from Spirit/the Universe. I am also a therapist and an Alchemical hypnotherapist. On request I can combine psychic abilities with elements of psychotherapy, psychoanalytic and Jungian based techniques to offer you a very special and unique brand of counseling, Intuitive Counseling. 

IC provides not just the answers to questions, but gives a very specific, practical, real-world approach to solving your problems, finding answers, understanding visions, and realizing your dreams here in the real world, now. With IC I can help you find your life purpose, become the best version of yourself, and can get you there, fast! Together we can create a life-plan to help you realize the life you’ve always wanted. The great thing about IC is that it may be covered by your insurance as an aspect of therapy.

Inner mediumship

I also offer magical services from a variety of occult traditions for those inclined to want or need them. These include: enhancing one’s prospects for health, wealth, love, spiritual connectedness and growth.

I can also teach you how to tune into your own intuitive gifts and enhance them with the tools and techniques listed below. For learning purposes, I offer a student rate (listed below).

Some of the tools I employ are: mediumship, clairsentience, Hebrew Lot Casting/gematria, Angelic readings, Runic readings, Reality Transurfing, Christian, Gnostic, Kaballastic/Hermetic/Alchemical, and Pre-Christian Indo-European spiritual elements and systems. A deeper description of some of these can be found further down on this page.


Affordable Prices for my Services​


1 Question (Intuitive/Mediumship)  $5.00        

10 Minutes                                      $15           

20 Minutes                                      $25           

30 Minutes                                      $40           

45 Minutes                                      $50           

1 Hour                                              $60           

2 Hours                                            $110         

3 Hours                                            $150        

6 Hours                                            $325      


20 Minutes                                   $30.00

30 Minutes                                   $70.00

45 Minutes                                   $90.00

1 Hour                                           $125.00

1.5 Hours                                     $170.00

2 Hours                                         $225.00

Bundle (2 Sessions)                  $220

Bundle (3 sessions)                  $300

Bundle (4 Sessions)                  $380

Bundle (5 Sessions)                  $450


Mediumship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between familiar spirits or passed loved-ones in the spirit world and our own. Mediumship is a way to receive messages and guidance from passed loved ones.

Angel Readings

Angel readings are similar to spirit readings. They are different in that they connect you to the angelic forces that drive existence itself. Each of these forces is represented by a unique conscious energy. For example, the Angel Rafael is the angel that represents health and vitality. Symbolically speaking, he is the representation of health and vitality, the energies that make up those forces in existence. Likewise, there are angelic forces that represent love, victory, strength, etc. Combined they make up the living apparatus of reality itself. 

Angel readings are a way to tap into the angelic guidance from the angels who make up the machinery of reality and follow you each day. Angel readings are one of the most powerful ways to receive information from Spirit/the Universe/God. Even after an angel reading the messages and guidance may continue to come to you for some time. 

Intuitive Counseling

(May be covered by your insurance when included with Hypnotherapy)

Intuitive Counseling combines the use of intuition, which may also include some of the aforementioned methods/methodologies, in conjunction with Rapid Therapy, and the use of more traditional therapeutic sciences such as psychology, psychotherapy, philosophical counseling, Psychological Alchemy/Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Jungian Psychology. Transformational Therapy, Transformational Life Coaching, Philosophical Counseling, Lifespan Integration, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stoicism, and Gestalt.

When combined with intuitive work the results become unprecedented in the healing arts. Discover your true dreams, goals, life purpose, and talents through intuitive counseling. More than that, learn how to find and achieve them. The great thing about this practice is that it can be done in a one-time sitting or done routinely over time as counseling often is. A typical timeframe is 1-5 sessions to see incredible permanent results. We can move together from where you are now to where you want to be in as little as 1-5 sessions.  The great thing about this practice is that your insurance may cover some or most of the cost. Ultimately, this means that, as a bonus, you may also be covered financially in part or whole for readings through your insurance.

Hebrew Lot Casting:​

Hebrew Lot Casting is a form of divination that utilizes the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, or Aleph Bet, to receive messages, guidance, solve problems, and help make decisions. Much like the Nordic Runes. In fact, recent linguistic evidence is starting to reveal that the Nordic Runes may actually be derived from Hebrew. The information comes directly from Source/Spirit/God/the Universe.

The information coming through the Hebrew letter lots/Runes is often more powerful, direct, and specific than what may come from other tools of divination. The reason for this is because each Hebrew letter, similar to the Nordic Runes, represents not only a phonic sound as English does, but also a symbol. Each is full of many inner meanings, from literal straightforward meanings to deeper spiritual meanings.  the letters express direct spiritual communication that goes beyond words. Each letter when combined with other letters results in even more specific symbolic meanings and messages.

The tradition of Kaballah has developed around the deeper understanding of the true meaning of the Hebrew alphabet and sees it as the base level of the building blocks of life, not dissimilar to the 1s and 0s of computer code that make up a website. When you are given a lot casting you will also receive in residual, contemplative messages, something to think about, meditate on, and utilize over a period of hours or even days and weeks. These are very specific and not unlike psycho-therapy, can be used to help bring an end to both internal emotional/mental problems, and material changes in one’s life to foster noticeable real world results.

In addition, each lot casting brings into it the science of gematria/numerology.

All of these factors make Hebrew lot casting one of the best tools of divination available. Lot casting is, along with Psalm readings, the safest and most reliable form divination that exists and conforms completely within the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Lot casting is referenced several times in the Bible. In fact, in ancient Israel, the High Priest used from time to time the tradition of casting lots for important decisions. It amounted to consulting God for an answer as is confirmed by the book of Proverbs.

You do not have to be a follower of any religion to receive a lot casting reading. That is the great thing about this form of divination. It’s safe and accurate for everyone.

Gematria and Hebrew letters:​

Gematria is a numerological system by which Hebrew letters correspond to numbers. This system, developed by practitioners of Kaballah, derived from Greek influence and originally became a tool for interpreting biblical texts.

In gematria, each Hebrew letter is represented by a number (for example, aleph = 1, bet = 2, etc.). One can then calculate the numerical value of a word by adding together the values of each letter in it. In the realm of biblical interpretation, commentators base an argument on numerological equivalence of words. If a word’s numerical value equals that of another word, a commentator might draw a connection between these two words and the verses in which they appear and use this to prove larger conceptual conclusions. Gematria as an element of the Hebrew alphabet helps to make lot casting one of the most potent tools of divination in existence.

Psalm Divination and Magic​

The practice of reciting psalms for specific purposes derives from Jewish tradition and is a major element of Kabbalah and Kabalasitic magick. Spirit/the Universe/the God of the Psalms expresses the principles of life, unconditional love, and universal unity in many ways. Spirit/the god of the Psalms is personal to us as an individual, as loving, and understanding, according to our needs. When connecting to and using the psalms we are connecting to Spirit/God/the Universe in the most intimate way. The Psalms serve as a way for us to symbolically understand this connection and the information that comes through it, which is ultimately via various expressions of love. Through this connecting we are able to gain insight into what we need in life, guidance and direction. The Psalms, thus serve both as a more concrete form of Tarot and divination, but also can be used for meditation, contemplation, and affirmation, which helps to keep the magic of the messages flowing through your life long after the Psalm reading and magical working.

They are amazing in the way they are constructed to get results. They work. Nothing works as consistently and dramatically brings results as the psalms do. 

You don’t need to be a Christian, Muslim, or Jewish to get the effect of the psalms. Within the book of psalms is contained an entire initiatory system similar to the orders and gnostic societies that allow for adepthood.


The Psalms are full-proof. You cannot make a mistake with them. If followed properly and the inner meanings are adhered to, you are guaranteed results. They are among the most powerful spells that exist. There are no dangers involved. 


Each psalm is speaking to a particular place in life. Prosperity, love, marriage, etc. Even if you do not know your intention and have one read magically it will get you there to the place you’re subconsciously looking to go. It may take you a little longer, but you will get to your destination. 

They are composed to get you through your psyche, from A to Z. Certain psalms can be used to get you to a certain place quickly, Within each line there is a magical formula written there. each of these are like little seeds. If you plant them they will grow in your mind and life and bring you the fruit they were designed to bring.

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